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All of My Angst. Part 2

Posted by Taufiq on November 15, 2015 at 3:44 am

The human race, generally and normally, has three primary needs to live and survive on this earth, which is food, cloth, and house. Then secondary needs, which could vary depend on the condition. Then tertiary, more specifically depends on the human behaviour themselves. When the situation and condition is stable and get better over time, the needs were also growing. Human must be able to decided which needs that must be fullfilled first.

Start with primary needs, obviously the most cost consuming, housing. Took the constraint here in this country. With the keep high rising property price but slowly evolving small salary that could not keep up with that, whether want it or not, to have a proper (financially feasible with basic facility) and secure (again, financially feasible with basic facility) housing, bank loan must be taken.

Then the secondary, depend on my (present) family, with my grandmother, mother, father, one brother, and three sisters, not counting my (going to be) family. The health care, the education, and the transportation, a motorcycle would not be enough to adequately accommodate all of them (although my family has maximizing the usage of the minimized public transport). Again, bank loan.

The wed, yeah you know, it would also put a big hurricane to the pocket, and it also pull the down payment all those two.

Not mentioning everyday needs until the D-Day.

House, vehicle, wed, all of those big expenditures. All seems impossible without mortgage or loan with my age and position right now. But I don’t want to live under the burden of monthly bills, debts, and payments.

To make those things up, for now I realized that must put aside my secondary and tertiary dreams, the dreams that took most of my time during these days, to reach the primary needs, that I forgot during most of these days.

In the end, Bismillah, the show must go on again. Belt tight, hold tight, sleep tight.

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