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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Working Days


Last year, 2013, was a brand new year for me. Finally I was into real world life. As a fresh graduate, I went unemployed at first. It is like 3-6 months I’m finding a job. 3 months if it counts from my ‘formal’ graduation day in Grha Sabha Pramana, or 6 months if it counts from my final exam in Ramadhan of 2012.

And finally, I got a job as a Maintenance Engineer in Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Solution (WPS), based at Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. I was placed at Muara Badak after my 3 months probation period, I’ve written the story about my probation period earlier last year, doing mainly Cased Hole maintenance, ranging from tool’s electronics, mechanical, and surface system, that including the panel in the Logging Truck. When I went to Balikpapan last year, I didn’t know the job description for a Maintenance Engineer at all. Electronics, especially Analog, was not my concentration when I’m on college, and I am not very good at analog electronics, so I try hard to remembering all of the materials on college.

In Ramadhan of 2013, I was sent for Technical Training Program at Fort Worth, Texas, US. It was my first time I went abroad. 8-hours flight from Jakarta-to-Dubai continued with 16-hours Dubai-to-Dallas. I learn many many many things there, all about oil and gas exploration, from survey, drilling, evaluation, and finally completion, beside my competencies of well logging a.k.a well data acquisition physics measurement theory. With my background in Electronics Instrumentation, these are fascinating study. This training could be called ‘Oil n Gas Exploration for Dummies’ or ‘Oil n Gas Exploration 101’.

After I went back home, I mean back to my work, I went back to Badak for Cased Hole again for a few months. Last month, I was sent to Balikpapan for 3 weeks to doing Open Hole maintenance, it was my first Open Hole assignment in my working days. Finally I could touch the-mighty-LOGIQ-tool-that-only-seniors-can-maintain-it. The procedure is not really hard if it compared to Cased Hole one. But for the circuit schematics, yeah you could vomit if look at it too much. And the size, is matter. It needs at least 2 people to handle and move the tool, compared to single man handling of Cased Hole tools.

When people working on their job, certainly there are few bad things. But, there are much more good things in my job, many good mates that keep me laugh all the day, good seniors that patiently taught me while they are doing their duty too. In other word, it could be said that we trying to do the best for the work, and do the best for the play. This is not a kind of job that people go to work from Monday to Friday, and then they could have Saturday and Sunday for rest. This job require us to do 30-days work continuously, at least for a trainee like me. So we need to keep each other cheers and happy in our work. Fortunately for me, my job is still a comfort zone for me right now. But I must not be satisfied this early. I need to make goals, and also plans to achieve them.

Well, that is the story of my working days in 2013. Hope everything will be running smoothly for 2014 😀

Jan 17, 2014