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Monthly Archives: October 2014



Since I was kid, my dreams in sleeping was very much strange. Maybe because I read many books, including my grandfather’s massive book collection and many comics that I read from the comic rental, and I watch so many films, including much early Japanese anime that shown on the TV. I also often be carried up by my mother to visit her friends and my relatives.

Much of my dreams’ plot was a journey. And the majority of it was an escape journey, either from a ruthless warlord, a ferocious chieftain, or escape from a disaster. I had a dream about 3 weeks ago, an Ebola outbreak spreads in Indonesia, me and my family ran off to remote mountain to evade the epidemics. Other people stayed in the city and wait for the relief that promised by the government. I didn’t know if they survived. We lived on the forest to survive. We grew our own food, and my brother hunting forest animal.

Sometimes, on my dreams I was on a mission, to obtain something, or to destroy something. I got my objectives from various people, from my father, to a village elder. My dreams 2 weeks ago, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Levant (ISIS/ISIL) invade Yogyakarta, and I been captured by one of their squad. The soldiers were common young Javanese boys. They have a commander, a big guy with very amazing beard. I thought that he was not an Arab man. Because when I hear their conversation, the commander speaks using a Southern American dialect, more precisely Texan English dialect. I managed to escape from their base in border of Yogyakarta and Klaten, about near Prambanan. I ran to the rural northeast.

And much of my dreams was set on or passing a cemetery, huge and vast cemetery. And nearly all of that were royal noble family cemetery building complex. In my dreams, sometimes the cemetery keeper told me that the complex was the cemetery of my ancestors, so I didn’t need to be scared. Sometimes the whole town was a cemetery. I had to passed the cemetery to meet my mission objectives. Sometimes my foes in that dreams, didn’t dare to chase me through the cemetery. So it was like I was save inside the cemetery complex.

Some of my past dreams, were more bizarre than my dreams I explained above. I don’t know what the meaning of that dreams. But I knew that they were the amalgamations of my feeling at that time. Maybe I should dig up and write some of them.

Oct 31, 2014