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My Jihad

Posted by Taufiq on June 12, 2017 at 8:34 pm

It’s already some years from some events that happened in my life. You know, in every place that you have been, they will make distinct impressions. Maybe some years ago I feel about that, but here right now, not so completely different but you know that they have the same root, the same cause.

Sometimes we need to confronting other people, sometimes we need to persuade them, but most in my life I saw men destroys other men. However, I am lucky that I grow up in a family that put conscience as a primary in life.  I face different creatures. I took up new challenges. But still, it’s me with the same attitude.

Like many years ago, like I always said, it is in a struggle that I’m living. There is no so called easy things in a struggle. And if I always got the hardest way, well, maybe that is the way that He arrange for me to serve Him. Not through the smooth and straight path, but by the many surprising possibilities that still fascinating me until now.

This is my jihad, and I hope it is Fisabilillah.

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