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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Different Creature. New Challenges. Same Attitude.


We must be careful here. In the Reds, beside the Big Red One, there are also Khmer Rouge. Friendly from outside, deadly inside. When we facing the Big Red One, we are always stuffed with the idea that they are evil, they are the enemy. But, we don’t know exactly how they are. Some of them are like the Princes of Darkness, but some of them still have a good mind. But when we dealt with Khmer Rouge, they just want to make our self always wrong, that we are stupid, that they need to wash our brain like washing dirty coverall. And the Princes of Darkness, as long as we don’t involved with their field of work, we are safe.

This Khmer Rouge, we will doing many things with them, we will meet them everyday, we will work with us, and their work result will passed to us. So we need to make a new strategy. We don’t really need to completely obey and submit to them, we just have to make ourselves as if we follow their will.

We are well adapted to situation like this. We have survived many condition that worse than this. As our level rise up, the challenges also increased. And we will meet each of these new challenges with the same aggressive attitude.

Mar 18, 2013

Google Knew Your Birthday


Kemaren buka Google, dan di halaman depannya ada Google Doodle ini.




Ternyata si Google tahu hari kelahiran saya, ya berdasarkan tanggal lahir di akun Google. Sampe segitunya pun juga diurusin oleh mereka. Begitu niatnya para software engineer mereka.

Yah semoga dengan makin tuanya saya, saya bisa lebih berguna di dunia ini. Amin.

Mar 10, 2013