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Monthly Archives: June 2016



Welcomed in herds
Worked, whipped like a horse
Feed of leftover
Treated like a waste

In the same time,

Commended like a warrior
High words
Heroic songs
Up to the sky

Proved everything,

Talk is cheap
Do, is hard
As long as we, I, realize
Attitude, of gratitude
Limitless cure

Jun 15, 2016

Begin Again


I gave up hope
Was dead inside
Stayed lost within a world I chose to hide
Then I found my faith in him
And now I can
Begin again
I once believed
Our fate was sealed

But now at last, the truth has been revealed
In an instant
Life could change
And now and then begin again
I know that I am meant for something more
That life beyond these walls
Has greater things in store

When I heard his voice, I realized
I’d never be the same
Instantly I knew my life had changed
I dream of peace
Above all else
To share a world where we could be ourselves
We must learn to rise above the past
Before we can at last
Begin again

Jun 12, 2016