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Drop the Six

Posted by Taufiq on February 26, 2015 at 6:47 pm

When I was in highschool, I got accidentally tripped to metal music. Not really joined the scene though, I dug into the culture. I observed that many of its subgenre use astrological and mythological theme. Out one of many theme, I found that number 666 was show up very very frequently. It appear on the legendary Iron Maiden song, “The Number of the Beast”. At that times, I thought it was so cool and yeah, you could say it was pretty rock and roll. 6 is the difference of the month and the day of my birthday. Beside that, there was a reason that I could not write it there. But after all, starting from that time, I use the number 666 as part of my handle in world wide web. ‘top_x_666’ at first, then ‘topx666’ to shorthen it. Especially after I start to learn about computer in my first year in college, many people use pseudonym username, so why not I also use it.

So the time goes by. People had to be grown up. It is not relevant anymore. I think it is the time to drop it from public usage. And I decided to roll back my kandangbuaya and twitter username from now on. Well actually, I could not find any other handle that equally cool, but not as disturbing as it. And for your info, I still love metal music.

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