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Fuel Queue Deception

Posted by Taufiq on September 5, 2014 at 9:37 am

Last week we saw a phenomenon in Yogyakarta, a long fuel queue happened in all fuel stations. Some people said that the fuel prices would be raised, some said the gasoline was going to be scarce. There were incidents that stained in some places, like queue grabing. One of the incidents even become a national headline.

I’m not going to talk about the incident. I just want to highlight that the people want to waste their time to do the queue under the hot Sun for hours. As we know, Yogyakarta today has transformed from past time “Kota Sepeda” to a “Kota Sepeda Motor, dan Mobil”. Of course motorcycle could bring you anywhere faster than any mass transport systems that we have here. And of course people don’t consider bicycle a fashionable form of vehicle anymore. But with the queue, it was not fashionable, and it was not saving your time.

But in the time like this, people still could be easily deceived by the cheap rumors. The Governor himself, the Sultan, guaranteed that the fuel supply still adequate until the end of the year. TransJogja and Biskota didn’t affected by the queue because they use Solar diesel fuel, the queue was only on gasoline Premium and Pertamax. Why they don’t think “Owh there is queue on the fuel station, so I will take a bus, or I will use bicycle”. Especially for them who don’t really need motorvehicles to live, like students, civil servants, among others.

The true victims of the queue is the poor people and microbussinesses in places that don’t have close public transport access and too far or too hard to reach, like Kulon Progo and Gunung Kidul remote hills. They must share their subsidized fuel quota with officials riding luxurious Camry and students from wealthy family with CBR. It is a big shame.

My take on fuel, still about the same with two years ago, the prices definitely should be raised, but this time slightly different. It is easy to differentiate an expensive and a chep vehicle. Why don’t the government differentiate the fuel prices also for this case? An easy example, the gasoline price for vehicle that made on 2000 downwards, could receive Premium at Rp 7.000. And vehicle that made on 2000 upwards, must buy Pertamax at Rp 15.000. There were already some rhetorics, suggestions, but how about making this to be a clear policy.

And my other sidethoughts also unchanged. Conversion to the more renewable energy should be immediately increased, the subsidy for the true poor (the family who don’t have any home, and couldn’t afford meal three times a day), progressive tax for the rich, and immediately improved public transport. The clear and strict law to the culprit and grafter also must be imposed. The capture of Energy Minister by KPK couple days ago was a good sign.

Well, I’m just a common citizen. Had my opinion in here my Kandangbuaya. In the end I hope everything will be fine, and no more queue.

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  • On September 8, 2014 at 8:08 pm Prima said

    the current condition of fuel subsidy is such, many people not feeling ashamed took their luxury car in the premium queue


  • On September 10, 2014 at 12:59 am topx666 said

    yeah, many people pretend to be some like “I’m still not rich enough to switch to Pertamax”


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